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2022 Invitationals

May 15th - Wapsipinicon Country Club at Central City, 9a

May 29th - Open Qualifier at Wapsipinicon Country Club, Tee off before 10a

June 5th - Wpaispinicon Country Club at Bellevue, 9a

June 12th - Wapsipinicon Country Club at Monticello, 9a (Breakfast)

June 19th - Wahkonsa at Wapsipinicon Country Club, 9a

July 17th - Monticello at Wapsipinicon Country Club, 9a

July 23rd-24th - City Tournament (Must play both days, Both rounds can count)

July 30th-31st - Club Tournament (Must play both days, both rounds can count)

August 13th-14th - EIGA Finals at Bellevue

August 27th - Senior EIGA at Wapsipinicon Country Club (Volunteers Needed)

Rules/ How to Qualify

1. Count your best three scores (Top 12 + 2 Alternates make the team).

2. 10 total Qualifiers this year (City Tournament/Club Tournament can count BOTH days, but you MUST play both days to use a score).

3. MUST play in at least one away invitational (Central City or Bellevue). City Tournament at Fawn Creek Country Club and Breakfast at Monticello DO NOT count as an away!

4. If an away qualifier is rained out, it will count as 'played' if you are listed on the sign-up sheet.

5. Scores will not be doubled if less than 18 holes are played.

6. Open Qualifier - Must be played with at least one person who is also trying to qualify, Must tee off before 10:00 am. $5 optional skins.

7. Lowest AWAY EIGA Score will break all ties (Central City or Bellevue).

All questions can directed to Scott Nemmers, Wapsi Country Club EIGA Rep - (319) 775-1111

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